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Find energy conservation tips, products and services to conserve energy, reduce fossil fuel dependency, reduce your eco and carbon footprints, and save money.

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  If you have been reading up on my ‘how to’ Conserve Energy sustainability initiative and you wish to learn more ways you can conserve energy and reduce your fossil fuel dependence, I hope you get value out of the energy conservation blog posts below.  Keep coming back for blog posts continually added. 

If you’d like, check out energy conservation products and service resources you can get behind on your road to energy conservation through conscious consumerism.


Save Money, Save Energy with Outdoor Holiday Decorations

The Christmas and end of year holidays should a time of joy, not putting a drain on the wallet or environment. Here are 7 ideas to save energy with outdoor holiday decorations every holiday season, which can also give you financial savings yearly while helping the environment.

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Appliance Swaps That Save Energy and Money

10 Appliance Swaps That Save Energy and Money

Concerned about rising electricity costs and want to save money in the home? Look no further. Here are 10 simple appliance swaps that save energy and money on utility bills, as well as benefit the environment, for a more sustainable lifestyle.

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12 Energy Saving Tips to Save You Money

Everyone loves to save money, but did you know you can do so every day with these energy saving tips that will reduce your electric bill? In addition to saving money, lower energy use also means you’re 

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