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Hi, I’m Gwen Corrie, the Founder and Managing Editor of CORR Concepts.  Learn about myself, CORR Concepts, and my mission to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle through reducing your eco and carbon footprints,  and hopefully save some money along the way.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”  

– Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

Welcome to CORR Concepts!

Thank you for dropping by for your sustainability inspiration and needs.  I know how it can be to feel overwhelmed hearing about our major environmental concerns of today, like global warming and its climate change effects; be unsure not knowing if, or what, you can do to help; or, that you keep hearing the terms “sustainability” or “carbon footprint” and you’re unsure what they truly mean.

Your questions on sustainability might include:  Why is it important? How can I live a more sustainable lifestyle? How will my lifestyle effect the environment? With CORR Concepts, hopefully these questions will be a thing of the past.

In fact, congratulate yourself right now for visiting this site.  This means you are not only wanting to learn more about sustainability, but that you have also started to take steps towards reducing your eco and carbon footprints for a more sustainable lifestyle, whether you knew it or not. Good on you!  Knowledge is power, so let’s get you stronger.

My Mission

My mission is to help individuals – millennials to baby boomers – implement environmental sustainability initiatives of their choice into their lifestyles as easily as possible. 

From measuring your carbon and eco footprints the first time to multiple times, I will help you along the way so your footprint sizes reduce with each re-measurement. I will provide this help to you through: the core concepts of sustainability, actionable sustainability tips, and ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable product and service recommendations.

This is so you can pick a sustainability path and live it with confidence knowing you are doing your part to reduce global warming and resulting climate change effects for a healthier environment and healthier you. 

CORR Concepts is designed to be the ‘Sustainability 101‘ tool for everyone to use.

About Me

Why should you consider what I have to say?  An avid earth steward, I have been in the Sustainability field for 8 years.  I hold an MBA in Sustainable Enterprises and a LEED AP ID+C accreditation from the GBCI. 

I’ve managed many successful USGBC commercial green building projects for LEED certification for a global architecture firm as well as volunteered working with local, small businesses to provide ways to implement environmentally sustainable initiatives into their businesses so that they may save resources and money.

Since the health of our environment affects the health of all of its inhabitants (not just humans), I consider this “trickle down” the most important situation to address in our lives.  In my humble opinion, it is just as important to address for all plant and animal species of this planet, not just for human benefit. All lives matter. Further, it is humans causing our environmental problems, not other species, so it is also our environmental problems are ours to fix. Therefore, you could say that environmental sustainability is my “religion”, and I’m here to spread the word.

How Will CORR Concepts Help You?

I will provide the CORR Concepts readers a 1-2-3 framework of answering the questions, “What is sustainability?”, “Why is sustainability important”, and, “How can I get started in living a more sustainable lifestyle?” for ease in learning. From there I provide an easy 4-step guide on how to actually get started.

Upon starting, I will do my best to give up-to-date, comprehensive, and easy, actionable ideas on how you can implement sustainability in six environmental initiativesConserve Energy, Conserve Water, Zero Waste, Indoor Air Pollution, Reduce Outdoor Air Pollution, and Food Sustainability.

Plus, I will provide Conscious Consumer tips and resources on what products and services are better for our environment and, therefore, you.  Let’s face it – the dollar speaks volumes, therefore, it is our true currency in leading others down the sustainability path with us.

The world is changing every day and sustainability ideas, practices, and regulations will also continually change.  Therefore, it is my duty to stay abreast of any changes in the Sustainability field so I may update this site for you to take advantage of the latest and greatest updates.  Hey, if there is something you wish me to write about, let me know! 

Even though environmental issues exist globally, just act locally and focus on your own lifestyle.  It can be overwhelming enough to think beyond your own day-to-day. I get it. 

If you want to go beyond and share this site with others, then all the better.  We will collectively make larger strides faster. 

Back to you, however – just let me guide you through sustainability on this site so you can focus on improving your own eco and carbon footprints.  That is the best place to start. 

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

-Gwen Corrie, MBA-Sustainable Enterprises, LEED AP ID+C, PMP

CORR Concepts
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