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Sustainability blog posts providing the core concepts of sustainability and sustainability tips you can use to live a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce your eco and carbon footprints.

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 If you have been reading up on my environmental sustainability ‘how to’ initiatives and you wish to learn more, I hope you get value out of the sustainability blog posts below.  Click on a post category for convenience or scroll down to see all posts. 

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Swimwear Brands

10 Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Swimwear Brands

Looking to up your eco-travel game this summer? If you need new swimwear, peruse some of the top eco-friendly and sustainable swimwear brands, for women and men, this year that will show how stylish and environmentally conscious you are while on the beach.

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Reasons to Stop Idling Your Car car exhaust and pollution

Top Reasons to Stop Idling Your Car

You ever hear people say you should warm up your car in the winter before driving it, or that stopping and starting your car uses more gas than idling? Find out why these are myths and other reasons to stop idling your car needlessly so you can do your part for the environment, the economy, and your health.

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Save Money, Save Energy with Outdoor Holiday Decorations

The Christmas and end of year holidays should a time of joy, not putting a drain on the wallet or environment. Here are 7 ideas to save energy with outdoor holiday decorations every holiday season, which can also give you financial savings yearly while helping the environment.

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Best Eco-friendly Carry-On Luggage

You probably just read my best eco-friendly personal item bag and want to know about where to find the best eco-friendly carry-on luggage, right? You’re in the right place. Here are my top 10 picks so you can reduce your impact on the environment in your travels while supporting eco-friendly and sustainable brands.

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Best Eco-friendly Personal Item Bag for Planes

Want to be eco-friendly while you travel? Using eco-friendly luggage is a good place to start. To help you, here are my top 10 picks for best eco-friendly personal item bag for planes to choose from to reduce your impact on the environment while supporting eco-friendly and sustainable brands.

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How to Conserve Indoor Water at Home

Indoor water conservation tips are bountiful, easy, and mostly free. Even better, they can be practiced year-round in the home. Here are some tips to conserve indoor water that will lower your water bill and your eco footprint leaving you feeling good on your sustainable lifestyle pursuit.

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Appliance Swaps That Save Energy and Money

10 Appliance Swaps That Save Energy and Money

Concerned about rising electricity costs and want to save money in the home? Look no further. Here are 10 simple appliance swaps that save energy and money on utility bills, as well as benefit the environment, for a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Person inspecting air with magnifying glass

10 Ways to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution Naturally

Most people don’t think a lot about the quality of the air inside their home or work environments and how it impacts them. Not surprising, though, indoor air quality has major impacts on human health and the ability to save money on medical bills. Find the top 10 ways to reduce indoor pollution naturally for health and financial benefits.

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Eco-Friendly, Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Explained

Been reading about slow fashion and confused as to what it really means?  I don’t blame you. This is why I am writing this post to help you understand the components of slow fashion and the true difference between eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable fashion so you can be a more conscious consumer.

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Reduce Air Pollution from Vehicles

How to Reduce Outdoor Air Pollution from Vehicles

Air pollution is something we can all live without. Yet, many do not know how they help reduce air pollution. We all can reduce air pollution from our vehicles in 18 easy ways that will protect the environment, our health, and the economy.

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Ways to Conserve Water Outdoors

29 Ways to Conserve Water Outdoors

As you’ve read on the Conserve Water initiative, fresh water is a finite resource. Since we cannot live without it, conserving it is extremely important. Here are 29 easy ways to conserve water outdoors to lower your eco footprint, save you time, and save you money on your water bill.

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What Plastics Can Be Recycled

What Plastics Can Be Recycled?

Many people think if there is a plastic recycle symbol on the plastic it’s recyclable. This is far from the truth. Read on to know what plastics can be recycled so you can reduce your carbon footprint.

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12 Energy Saving Tips to Save You Money

Everyone loves to save money, but did you know you can do so every day with these energy saving tips that will reduce your electric bill? In addition to saving money, lower energy use also means you’re 

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15 Eco Friendly Travel Products

It’s hard enough these days hearing about greenhouse gas emissions, climate change effects, and plastic-clogged oceans and wondering how you can help prevent these.  Throw in travel and you wonder how you can keep up? It’s simple: flex your conscious consumer muscle with eco-friendly travel products.

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Bike riders in Rio is Eco travel

10 Easy Eco Travel Tips for ALL Travel

Many people think that being an eco-friendly traveler, or “eco-tourist”, requires camping, communing with nature, or “roughing it” in some way, giving up all the creature comforts you’re used to. Not true! Find eco travel tips you can use to be “eco” in any of your travels.

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