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Shop here for sustainable clothing for men! Find multiple fashion options that protect your health and the environment in your quest to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

This site contains affiliate links for your convenience. The goal is to first provide links to eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable brands, and then to those same type brands that use Amazon (i.e., Climate Pledge Friendly Certification), if possible. Therefore, you may see multiple links for one option. Should you make a purchase through any link, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. See my Disclaimers & Disclosures and Privacy Policy for more information.

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Slow fashion is becoming more prevalent in the industry. Opposite of fast fashion, slow fashion works to change the fashion manufacturing process and supply chain to use more sustainable methods that protect the environment and workers, and produce higher quality fashion that will last much longer.

Learn more about the difference between slow and fast fashion, and the breakdown of slow fashion in terms of eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable fashion.

Here are fabulous sustainable clothing for men options sure to suit your needs and styles for any occasion, all while living more sustainably.

Sustainable Clothing for Men

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Every Day

Everlane partners with ethical factories and uses quality resources to make clothes that last, all while providing full transparency.

KOTN logo

A B-Corp certified brand, KOTN’s environmentally-responsible clothing with Egyptian cotton sourced direct Nile Delta farmers. Free U.S./Canada shipping over $75.

Outdoor / Active Wear

A leader in the sustainable clothing movement, Patagonia always reports on their corporate social responsibility and is also Sustainable Apparel Coalition member. Check out their take-back program for upcycled clothing.

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