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chico bag

Reusable Collapsible Bag (Set of 4)

Reduce plastic waste by avoiding single-use plastic bags with these fantastic, feather weight, compact, collapsible bags.  They have a Carabiner Clip for easy attachment makes this little bag a perfect gift for anyone! You can never have enough bags when you’re traveling. You never know when you need one for local farmer’s market or as an extra carry-on bag for gifts from your trip? Get the set of four and keep one for yourself.


Bamboo Toothbrushes (Set of 4)

Go zero waste and ditch the plastic! Try these lovely, biodegradable, durable, and rapidly renewable bamboo toothbrushes.  Very eco-friendly, these have BPA free soft bristles. Buy the whole set for yourself for your travels and every day use (like I do), or share them with your family. They’ll love them. Try their floss picks, too! Isshah Amazon Store 


Bamboo Utensil with Metal Straws (Set of 2)

Bring your own utensils to avoid using single-use plastic utensils in all locations (airports, airplane, hotel room or eating out). Keep them in your purse or backpack. A full utensil set, it comes with two metal straws and a cleaner brush, all in a stylish sack. As light as a feather and compact, I’ve noticed these are catching on around the world.  Join the crowd!


Recycled Bamboo Go Rectangular Bento Lunch Box

Perfect for the professional at work or your child for school! Be eco-friendly with these fabulous lunch boxes made of recycled BIOBU® FSC-certified bamboo fibre eco-composite that not only reduce waste, but reduce food waste by making leftovers last longer. BPA, PVC and Phthalates free. Suitable for hot and cold food and liquids.


Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Equivalent to 3 bottles of shampoo and 5 bottles of conditioner, these are made only from vegan, sustainably-sourced compostable ingredients and packaging promoting zero waste.  A pair of these are surely to last many travels and help you bypass the liquids security check, saving you time in the airport for sure. Ethique Amazon Store

klean kanteen

Insulated TKPro

Say, “no more” to plastic bottled water and make this lovely product something you don’t leave the house without. Klean Kanteen has this great stainless steel water bottle that is 100% BPA and plastic-free, leak proof, and made of silicone construction for hot and cold drinks. Get one for every family member!

natural home

1.3 Gallon Recycled Stainless Steel Compost Bin

Stylish for your kitchen and eco-friendly, this popular countertop food composter will reduce your food waste going to the landfill by holding your food until transferred to the compost or outdoor recycling bin. It comes with a charcoal filter that absorbs odors for 4 to 6 months. Makes a great addition to any kitchen.


Classic Glass Food Storage Set (set of 9)

Another great way to deduce food waste and stretch your budget is with this set of 9 (18 pieces) clear, glass containers with clear lids – you’ll never have to guess what’s in your fridge! The glass reduces your use on plastics, as well. BPA free and save to use in the freezer, refrigerator, dishwasher, or microwave. A great set to get the college student going.


BeFree 1L Water Bottle and Filter

Another zero waste option to cut out bottled water and single-use plastic cups – your own, reusable water bottle for on the go! No more carrying a bulky water bottle. What makes this one great, especially for travel, is it is light weight and collapsible fitting in those tight baggage spaces. BPA free with a built-in water filter, it’s the perfect option for traveling abroad and camping. It hasn’t me down. You can also buy more filters!

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