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5 Minute Shower Bathroom Timer

Saving water in the shower couldn’t be easier with the 5-minute shower timer. Simply stick on the shower wall.  See how fast you can take a shower and save water at home. Makes a nice little stocking stuff this holiday season.


High-Pressure Rain/Handheld Hand Shower

Luxurious showers without wasting water! AquaSpa’s hand held shower head is WaterSense certified to give more while using 20% less water. With an extra-long 6′ stainless steel hose, and ON/OFF switch, this beautiful chrome-finish shower head will upgrade any bathroom instantly. A great gift for anyone!

rain bird

Drip Irrigation Repair and Expansion Kit

Convenient and portable, the water-conscious home gardener will really appreciate this kit. It provides everything needed to install a water-saving drip system up to 75 square feet in the lawn or garden. The handy pail neatly holds all parts for easy access. Rain Bird’s patented Emitter Installation/Removal Tool makes it easy to work with emitters and 1/4″ fittings.  It also includes a trouble-shooting guide with tips! *Price depends on the provider.

Green Mount

50 Ft Soaker Hose

Not just a water saver, but a time saver, too! This premium, heavy duty hose is perfect for your flower beds and seedlings. Heavy duty that lays flat, it produces a high water output without wasting outdoor water. 


Upcycled DIY Rain Barrel Kit

Take the outdoor water savings to a higher level with this easy-to-use, rainwater capture barrel. This 58 gallon barrel is made of food grade, reused plastic, and comes with a brass spigot, overflow valve, and downspout adapter. Easy set up! This gift saves money on the summer water bill.

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