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Recycled Bamboo Go Rectangular Bento Lunch Box

Perfect for the professional at work or your child for school! Be eco-friendly with these fabulous lunch boxes made of recycled BIOBU® FSC-certified bamboo fibre eco-composite that not only reduce waste, but reduce food waste by making leftovers last longer. BPA, PVC and Phthalates free. Suitable for hot and cold food and liquids.

lisa leake

"100 Days of Real Food On a Budget"

Reduce food waste with meal planning, eat organic, and save money with the popular, “100 Days of Real Food: On a Budget: Simple Tips and Tasty Recipes to Help You Cut Out Processed Food Without Breaking the Bank”, by Lisa Leake and part of the “100 Days of Real Food”.  Available in Kindle or hardcover. Buy for your cooking buddy and share delicious meals.

natural home

1.3 Gallon Recycled Stainless Steel Compost Bin

Stylish for your kitchen and eco-friendly, this popular countertop food composter will reduce your food waste going to the landfill by holding your food until transferred to the compost or outdoor recycling bin. It comes with a charcoal filter that absorbs odors for 4 to 6 months. Makes a great addition to any kitchen.


Classic Glass Food Storage Set (set of 9)

Another great way to deduce food waste and stretch your budget is with this set of 9 (18 pieces) clear, glass containers with clear lids – you’ll never have to guess what’s in your fridge! The glass reduces your use on plastics, as well. BPA free and save to use in the freezer, refrigerator, dishwasher, or microwave. A great set to get the college student going.


Electric Corded Trimmer 13"

The highly rated electric cord trimmer with powerful 4 amp motor to tackle the tough weeds while not using fossil fuels or causing air pollution. It comes with a telescoping handle, light weight construction and a 3 year warranty.  At under $30, it’s a great deal. I use this for my yard work!

mountain valley seed company

16 Assorted Fruit Seeds & Vegetable Seeds Variety

Indoor and outdoor garden with Mountain Valley Seed Company’s organic and non-GMO seeds. Product of the USA. Teach your children how to grow organically and reap the rewards with fresh, organic food for your family’s health.


Harvest Elite

Indoor gardening at its finest! The Harvest Elite allows you to grow up to 6 different herbs, veggies or flower varieties all year long – no sun, no soil and no green thumb required. It has easy, automatic reminders for water & plant food and uses LED lighting, which is energy efficient, too! This is an ideal gift for anyone wanting to start gardening or do indoor gardening. Let it grow!


Corded Electric Lawn Mower 16"

Another great way to reduce air pollution and dependency on fossil fuels, Greenworks offers another highly rated piece of lawn equipment in this 16″ electric lawn mower powerful enough to cut through tough grass. It comes with 10 amp electric motor, 5 position height adjustment, and rear bag. It’s also quiet to reduce noise pollution. The birds will thank you.  

rain bird

Drip Irrigation Repair and Expansion Kit

Convenient and portable, the water-conscious home gardener will really appreciate this kit. It provides everything needed to install a water-saving drip system up to 75 square feet in the lawn or garden. The handy pail neatly holds all parts for easy access. Rain Bird’s patented Emitter Installation/Removal Tool makes it easy to work with emitters and 1/4″ fittings.  It also includes a trouble-shooting guide with tips! *Price depends on the provider.

Green Mount

50 Ft Soaker Hose

Not just a water saver, but a time saver, too! This premium, heavy duty hose is perfect for your flower beds and seedlings. Heavy duty that lays flat, it produces a high water output without wasting outdoor water. 


Upcycled DIY Rain Barrel Kit

Take the outdoor water savings to a higher level with this easy-to-use, rainwater capture barrel. This 58 gallon barrel is made of food grade, reused plastic, and comes with a brass spigot, overflow valve, and downspout adapter. Easy set up! This gift saves money on the summer water bill.

led mall

Firefly RGB Outdoor Garden Laser Christmas Lights

Light up your home this holiday season efficiently with outdoor LED firefly lighting. Your house will be the envy of the neighborhood!

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