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Welcome to the Conscious Consumer Plastic Alternatives Products Directory

Shop here for great ideas on products you can use instead of those made from plastic, or to eliminate single use plastics, to reduce your waste from plastics thereby lowering your eco and carbon footprints through conscious consumerism.

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Reduce the amount of plastic you use to ensure it doesn’t end up as litter, as landfill waste producing greenhouse gases, or waste in our waterways and oceans polluting our health and the health of those species who live there.

Here are some great products that are alternatives to using plastic do work towards living a zero waste lifestyle and reducing your eco and carbon footprints.

Plastic Alternatives

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Food & Food Storage

Bee's Wrap Beeswax Wrap

The all natural, reusable and compostable food storage option.

Mugs & Water Bottles

100% BPA and plastic-free, stainless steel and silicone construction for hot and cold drinks.

Made for to replace many of the single-use items in your daily life.

Stainless steel, No Sweat™ Design, and dishwasher safe.

Office Supplies

Solid construction device hand made from rapidly renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable materials.


Made of metal and a bamboo handle, the razor holds reusable blades, cutting down on landfill trash.

Shopping Bags

Eliminate using store plastic bags with these feather weight, compact, and collapsible bags.

Soaps, Shampoos & Conditioners

Equivalent to 3 bottles of shampoo, these are made only from vegan, sustainably-sourced compostable ingredients and packaging promoting zero waste. 

Equivalent to 5 bottles of conditioner, these are made only from vegan, sustainably-sourced compostable ingredients and packaging promoting zero waste. 


Made of rapidly renewable, biodegradable, and durable bamboo with no plastic packaging.

Utensils & Straws

Avoid plastic utensils in all locations (travel or take out).

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