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Shop here for upcycled food brands that reduce food waste and provide healthy and sustainable food options for you.

This site contains affiliate links for your convenience. The goal is to first provide links to eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable brands, and then to those same type brands that use Amazon (i.e., Climate Pledge Friendly Certification), if possible. Therefore, you may see multiple links for one option. Should you make a purchase through any link, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. See my Disclaimers & Disclosures and Privacy Policy for more information.

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Up to 40% of food in the U.S. is wasted in its harvesting through sale process. This food waste contributes to landfills producing greenhouse gases in addition to preventing feeding those who need it.

Upcycled food (aka “ugly food”) comes from the philosophy of not wasting what is grown. Upcycled food is made with that food that otherwise would have been wasted to help feed people, help the environment, and work towards a sustainable food supply chain.  Learn more about sustainable food tips.

Explore those brands and services capturing potential food waste to upcycle it and create healthy and viable food options for you for your sustainable lifestyle.

Upcycled Food Options

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Alcoholic Drinks

Crust Brewing

Save a crust!  Here is a brewery making beer while saving over 600 lbs of bread.

Misadventure Vodka

4 years of R&D in a cramped garage launched this distilling company to making vodka sustainably.

Non-Alcholic Drinks

Avacado Tea

Natural leaf tea from California full of antioxidants that are good for you.


Bar Avacado

The gluten-free avacado energy bar made with non-GMO ingredients.

Candid’s Noons

Sustainably sourced chocolate and fruit at its best. All in a biodegradable package inside a recyclable box.

Kazoo Snacks

The low carb, restaurant-style corn tortilla chip. Munch!

The Ugly Company

A 4th generation farmer got tired of seeing food wasted. So he did something about it.

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