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Shop here for sustainable cosmetics! Find cosmetics that protect your health and the environment in your quest to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Being conscious of the products you put on your skin, not just in your body, has major benefits. You think all cosmetics are safe to use? Think again! If you want a good summarization on cosmetics in the USA, watch the Story of Stuff’s Cosmetics 8 minute video.  It’s an eye opener.

Instead of the usual brands you know, check out these amazing cosmetics made by conscious brands that doing their part to provide you safe alternatives – safe for you and our environment.

Sustainable Cosmetics

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This site contains affiliate links for your convenience. My preference is to provide links to companies other than Amazon whenever possible. I recognize many people like Amazon, not to mention there are eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable brands out there who use Amazon. I want to support them. So, just know you may see multiple links for one option. Should you make a purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission at NO additional cost to you. See my Disclaimers & Disclosures and Privacy Policy for more information.

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Caribbean Bronzer

Concealers & Foundations

Concealer Powder in many shades.

Loose Foundation in many shades.

Multi-purpose foundation in many shades. Free Shipping.

Make Up Remover

Chamomile Lavender Water

Made from natural oils.

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