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Besides ventilating from the outdoors, using an air purifier (aka air cleaner) and air filtration methods are very effective ways to remove indoor air pollutants and increase indoor air quality. Such pollutant removal has been proven to improve human health, which can lower medical bills. This can be easily done by using a portable air purifier and/or upgrading the air filter in your HVAC system.

Here are some great portable air purifier and HVAC filter suggestions that can help improve your health for long term benefits.

If you need help choosing an air purifier, consult the EPA Guide to Home Air Cleaners. Did you also know air purifiers can be Energy Star certified to save you money on your electric bill?  Yep! So, I’ve included those brands that are certified to assist in your purchasing. 

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Air Purifiers

According to ENERGY STAR, ENERGY STAR certified room air purifiers are almost 60% more energy-efficient than standard models, saving consumers about 500 kWh/year and $60 annually on utility bills. These savings could add up to $490 over its lifetime!  Read the latest Room Air Cleaner Labeling Requirements or search for more ENERGY STAR certified air purifiers (cleaners).

Certified Brands:  Aerus, Airgle, AIRMEGA, AIRTHEREAL, Alen, Atmosphere, BeneLife, BLACK+DECKER, BLUE, Blueair, Boneco, Coway, Coway Co., Ltd, Coway, Woongin, WOONGJIN,  COWAY,Coway Airmega, Danby, Electrolux, Eureka, TruSens, Whirlpool, Winix

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